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The Society We Aspire To – A Harmony Between Security and Convenience

With terrorist threats rising in many parts of the world in recent years, governmental authorities and individual citizens are calling for flawless security measures.
The necessity of protection against cybercrimes, such as remittance scams through identity theft and network infiltration through viruses, is keenly felt even at the personal level.
Now, the ever-expanding internet society is starting to connect things with things, not just people with people.
We must develop a safe environment if we are to reliably enjoy the benefits of our “internet civilization”. To put it another way, we think it is necessary to prioritize “safety for all” over “someone’s selfish interests and convenience”.
We are a future-oriented advanced general security company, with the concept of providing people living in any part of the world with pioneering, customer-friendly products and solutions based on innovative technologies, on the way to realizing a safe and peaceful society.