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World-Acclaimed Technology – Continuous Innovation

The first time we entered the contest to assess the face recognition technology hosted by the world’s most reputable NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology of the U.S.), was in 2012.
At that time, our unique independently-developed engine was not fully configured for commercial production form, but in terms of speed of recognition, which is one of the greatest strengths of our technology, we had already reached the top of the class worldwide.
We have been working constantly on innovation, always aiming to develop the technologies of five years ahead of time. We are confident that the latest contest run by NIST will put us in the world’s top class, in both speed and accuracy. The breathtaking pace of our technological progress will win us the position of overwhelming world number one in a few years.
For speed, in particular, we have gone through various official technical processes and slashed the time it takes to go from recognition to matching, leaving our competitors far behind. In situations such as ticket gates and concert venues, where smooth operation is required amid crowds, that would be a powerful tool.
One example of the recognition we have earned for the high standard of that technology is that the SITA (Societe Internationale de Telecommications Aeronautiques headquartered in Switzerland) has picked us as one of a very few designated suppliers of airport monitoring systems. SITA is the world’s largest private sector association aiming to ensure safe transport services at more than 200 international airports around the world, and to enhance the facility management capabilities of those airports. In regions such as Europe, where security measures are a particular priority, our status as a high-standard technology company in the advanced security industry is rising rapidly.
There are many companies that are researching AI these days. But no standards have been defined yet for gauging the levels of their technologies. Their evaluation must not be made based on the size of the firm, and never be influenced by the transient political balance of power or their own self interest.
We have been advancing through continuous innovations to achieve by far the highest level of technology which are accepted and recognized worldwide, and in fact are now earning a high reputation in the global industry.