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High-speed authentication can smoothly handle large number of people: Simplified version can be installed in temporary facilities

E-Gate uses a system which authenticates real facial images against photo IDs such as passports to screen access to security-controlled facilities quickly and accurately.

Attempting to handle inbound-type services with analog methods raises a conflict between efficiency on the service provider’s side and convenience for the service consumer. This system can use the most advanced engine, based on AI research, to perform quick and highly accurate face authentication on customers of all the world’s diverse countries and races.

The system is also highly flexibly designed to fit the individual needs of users from large-scale installation to simplified configurations.

Usage locations
  • Airport passport control counters
  • Event venue entrance gates
  • My Number and ID card authentication gates, etc.
Advantages of deploying the system
  • Avoid human error that occurs in busy situations
  • Walk-through gate designs are available using the world’s most advanced 3D face recognition engine
  • No pre- registration process is required other than passport photos