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Speedy login to digital data terminals: Reduce the burden of password management

Facelogin is a next-generation data terminal login system that matches the user’s face, as presented to an authentication camera in the terminal and matched against pre-registered face information, in place of a password.

It uses our uniquely developed 3D face recognition engine, so the influence of the usage environment can be almost entirely eliminated by registering multiple images in varied environments. Facelogin enables instant login through face authentication so that there is no need to worry about a password being forgotten or stolen.

Office information security can be greatly improved by using the automatic screen lock function when the user is away and the login history memory function. An additional advantage is that there is no need to update passwords or to manage logins according to security ranks.

Advantages of deploying the system
  • Major reduction in data management costs
  • Huge improvement in security environment
  • Reduction in management risks due to information leaks, etc.